WHO IS WHO?WHO IS GEORGE KEFFFER BREWER ? == HE IS SUPERMAN !Born George Keefer Brewer but George Reeves grew up as George Besselo in 1914 in Woodstock, Iowa. George would take up Golden Globes Boxing and amass a record of 31-0 by the time he was 20. But his somewhat controlling mother insisted that he preserve his handsome looks and give a shot at show biz. George joined the Army during World War II that he would discover a number of parts of his life that his mother had hidden from him. She had concealed his true birth date, the identity of his father and the fact that his stepfather had committed suicide eight years after Helen divorced him. This so disturbed Reeves that he didn’t speak to her through most of the 1940’s. James Beaver, discovered that Reeves was a "totally decent person. I honestly never spoke to anyone who didn’t like him a lot". He made a ( movie) called (Superman and the Mole People .)
WHO IS --------------------------EDDIE MANNIX ?American motion picture studio executive/General Manager of MGM Studios/Vice President of Loew's Theatres.He began his career in Hollywood as a studio "fixer." Studio fixers solved the problems of stars, hid their crimes, kept their secrets, and covered up scandals, keeping the celebrities out of jail and, more importantly, their names out of the newspapers. Eddie was a former gangster who reportedly had mob ties well after becoming a powerful studio boss at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. He was a suspect in more than one murder, including that of TV's Superman, actor George Reeves (officially, a suicide). The theory goes that actor George Reeves, who played the "Man of Steel" on TV's The Adventures of Superman (1952-58), was murdered by hit men hired by Eddie through his underworld contacts. Reeves had been having an affair with Eddie's wife, and though his death was officially ruled a suicide, many investigators have found that the evidence supported homicide, not suicide. ============================================================
WHO IS ---------------- TONI MANNIX ?
"Toni Mannix", she was well-known for her beauty, flamboyance, and sexual appetite, the latter of which was legendary. In 1951, not long after she legally married Eddie Mannix, she met actor George Reeves, soon to be famous as television's Superman. She and Reeves embarked on an affair under the approving eye of her husband, who had a new mistress of his own. Toni and Reeves were fairly public with their arrangement, but the press, out of respect for the clout Eddie Mannix wielded, never exposed the relationship outside the industry.In 1959, Reeves broke off his relationship with the eight-years-older Toni, leaving her both broken-hearted and angry. His mysterious death five months later was officially ruled a suicide, although serious questions have been raised about the circumstances under which he died. (Some have speculated that Toni or her husband might actually have murdered Reeves). She was nevertheless shattered by Reeves' death and remained devoted to his memory for the remainder of her life; she reportedly built a shrine to him in her house.Widowed in 1963, Mannix was left wealthy and lived comfortably until the onset of Alzheimer's disease in her seventies. She died from complications of the disease in 1983, at the age of 77, having never remarried.Tony took care of George with her husband’s money, The house and the car that George had were bought with Tony’s husband’s time passed, George didn’t want to be with Tony any more and ended their relationship. Tony’s husband was more upset than Tony and no one knew exactly why. George didn’t stay single for long as he started dating Lenore Lemon, who was much younger and wilder than Tony. With Lenore, George went out partying and often hosted parties at his house. This was how his death came about.=============================================================
WHO IS --------------------------------LENORE LEMMONa New York showgirl who had at one time been banned from performing at many of Manhattan's clubs because of her reputation as a "troublemaker." Hmmm… nice girl! Not only was Lemmon reportedly to have had some kind of connections with the mob back East, but she was also an extremely jealous sort who was known to overreact upon even the smallest of suspicions.After a year of dating, George and Lenore would announce their engagement to be married, but not before receiving numerous death threats on George's life that included phone calls, traffic accidents, and even one incident in which George would wreck his car before discovering that all of the brake fluid had been drained from the car's lines. Oh, and no leak was ever discovered.=============================================================WHO IS --------------------------- JACK LARSEN ? = HE IS JIMMY OLSEN !Jack Larson (Jimmy Olsen in Superman) (maintained that Reeves was murdered,) even generating publicity for the case in the late 1980s. However, a 1998 edition of USA Today featured Larson changing his position on the case. (After) the death of his longtime friend Toni Mannix, he did not want her memory tarnished by any bad press.(Larson has given various and conflicting opinions on this question over the years. In the Grossman book, he was quoted as having accepted that it was suicide.)=============================================================
WHERE ? ------- 1579 Benedict Canyon Road in Beverly Hills, California !George Reeves was found dead in the bedroom of his home at 1579 Benedict Canyon Road in Beverly Hills, California on June 16, 1959 at 1:59 a.m.=============================================================
Reeves was due to marry his fiancée Lenore Lemon in (three days) and had that very day purchased $5,000 in traveler’s checks. They were to be used in the subsequent honeymoon to Spain and Australia where he would pick up an additional $20,000 for personal appearances as Superman. His show had been ( picked up for another season ) with a hefty pay raise for him and he was scheduled to direct a feature film. Was this a man with nothing to live for? His life seemed to be getting back on track,He had also (ended) his affair with Toni Mannix, an actress and wife of (studio mogul Eddie Mannix), and, as stated, he and Lemmon were going to be (married) within three days. That same month, he had signed a ( five-motion-picture deal ) with Paramount Pictures, and was filming scenes for the role of doomed detective Milton Arbogast for Alfred Hitchcock's (Psycho.) ========== YES PSYCHO !!!!! He was also in the movies HERE TO ETERNITY , GONE WITH THE WIND as well as SAMSON AND DELILAH!
Had he lived until the (next day), June 17, he would have fought light-heavyweight boxing champion Archie Moore, and, (considering his successful wrestling career) in the 1940s, Reeves would not have turned down his shot at fame.with the new, bright future for him in sight, it would be unlikely for him to commit suicideMany who knew Reeves at the time agreed that the actor was happier than he had been in years, Money wasn't a problem either-he wasn't super-rich, but the actor was still being paid residuals every time Superman was rerun in major markets. =============================================================
Lemon was heard to (comment) as Reeves left the party in his living room (Complaining of a headache ) to go to his bed room, (“He’s going to go shoot himself.”) She was also famously jealous of Reeves often accusing him (and rightly so) of having affairs and had even struck women who she thought were looking too intensely at “her man”. Additionally, even though he was engaged to Lemon, he was openly dating another woman, a married woman, Toni Mannix.It was shortly before his death that he broke off his relationship with Toni to marry Lemon. Was Mrs. Mannix seeking revenge? Or was it her embarrassed, mob-connected angry husband Eddie Mannix or thugs supplied by his connection to the mob?In the months proceeding his death he was involved in three serious car accidents. It was with luck more than skill that he escapedwith his life. Then came the threatening phone calls for which he filed a police report. He even named who he thought the perpetrator was…Toni Mannix.when Reeves’ will was read the ONLY beneficiary was…no not his mother…no not his fiancée…keep going….TONI MANNIX, his former mistress! Lenore Lemmon, stated that the jilted lover was calling Reeves repeatedly at all hours of the day and night, harassing the actor for months before his death. So much so that Reeves retained an attorney to try to convince the disturbed woman to stop the calls that were coming up to twenty times a day, calls that were sometimes nothing more than annoying hang-ups. The attorney wasn't persuasive, according to Lemmon, and the harassment continued unabated. On the night of June 15, 1959, Lemmon, Reeves, and two guests were partying at the actor's home. At about 1:15 the next morning, George Reeves (Complaining of a headache) went upstairs to bed. He had been drinking heavily and was under the influence of painkillers prescribed for injuries he sustained in a car accident.Some suggest Reeves and Lemmon's relationship was quite volatile, with them often being seen in public arguing. Lenore Lemmon left California ( the day after ) Reeves' death, ( never ) to return. She has never explained (why) she (waited) so long (after the death) to call the police. None of the other houseguests ever gave a public testimony.In the early morning hours of June 16, 1959, (three days) before a planned (wedding) to Lenore Lemmon he kills himself.On the night of June 16th, 1959 at about 1:30 a.m., police were called to George’s house, only to find him sprawled across the bed, lying on his back, with a bullet hole in his right temple. During that evening, George and Lenore were hosting a party. That party, Lenore ( thought, ) was to announce to the guests that George was going to (marry her.) As the night dragged on, it became apparent that ( this wasn’t the case.) George wasn’t very talkative because he was depressed that he hadn’t filmed an episode of Superman in two years and without Tony’s money, the bills began to pile up. At around 11:30 p.m., all the guests had left. But then around midnight, two of George’s (neighbors) came over looking for a party. George was (rude to them) and Lenore seemed to get (angry) over this. All the theories from this point on all point to the fact that George was murdered and not that he committed suicide. Other than that, they all lead in different directions.Another DirectionAccording to Police Detective Ron Johnson, prior to his death, Reeves came down from his upstairs bedroom and (loudly objected) to the early morning visit of William Bliss and Carol Van Ronkel. The couple was shocked. They explained that they had only stopped by to help celebrate the impending marriage. ("Get out," Reeves snapped at his old friends. "It's too late for this nonsense.") The intruders apologized. (Lenore) gave Reeves a (tongue-lashing) and told him to apologize. He did, reluctantly. Everyone retreated to the living room where they soothed their differences with Scotch.
All except Reeves. (Complaining of a headache,) he retired to the master bedroom.
very importent = interesting!(According to the police report, Reeves' visitors were seated in the plush living room when (Lenore Lemmon) suddenly looked at Condon and said,) ( "He's going to shoot himself.") Condon was too busy admiring a big color mounted painting of Reeves in his Superman costume to pay attention to her. Without warning, a resounding boom echoed through the house. William Bliss darted up the stairs, (leaving the others behind.) When Bliss burst through the bedroom door, he purportedly saw Reeves, stark naked, sprawled across the bed. Blood drenched his head. His legs were looped over a robe at the foot of the bed. On the floor, and (not) within reach of the man, lay a .38-caliber handgun. Bliss rushed downstairs where he found the others (still seated) in the living room. ("My friend is dead! My friend is dead!")police who were summoned to the two-story house at 1579 Benedict Canyon Road at 1:59 a.m., on June 16, 1959, the 6-foot-2, 198-pound nude body in the second-floor bedroom was indeed human and very much dead. Blood splashed the bed, the wall, and drenched the carpet. A 38-caliber projectile had bored through Reeves' skull, ripping its way (upwards) and embedding itself in the (ceiling.) The first detective on the scene, shuddered: "That certainly is an (odd upward trajectory) for a bullet to take - if this is a suicide." One of Reeves' eyes was open, staring into oblivion. The other eyeball was pasted to a wall. He left behind no note or departing message chatting and celebrating the coming event. At 1:20 a.m. the fatal shot was heard. Police at the scene wondered about ( two ) fresh bullet holes found in the bedroom walls. (Lenore Lemmon) explained that ( she ) had accidentally fired the gun (earlier) when she was just fooling around with it.Police found no fingerprints on the gun (Perfect reason to believe that the murderer took (their gun) and (planted another gun) there to make it look like a suicide.) Another intriguing fact is that police found the fatal shell casing (underneath) the body. If George has shot himself, the casing would have expelled (upward.) Also, there were no powder burns on his heads (or head,) so the gun had to have been placed ( far ) enough away from his head. The bullet entered his head about an inch above the right ear and exited his skull about one and a half inches above the left ear, so this means that his head was ( tilted. )One theory (also the most likely) is that Lenore excused herself from the neighbors whom she allowed to stay and went to talk to George. It is then said that the (two lovers got into an argument) over the whole marriage thing and that Lenore either accidentally or purposely shot George and went downstairs to tell the neighbors and to come up with matching stories to tell the police (who weren’t called until thirty minutes after George had been shot). When the police arrived, everyone agreed that George was alone in his room and that they were in the living room talking and that they heard a gunshot.The other theory is that Tony’s husband was so bitter over George and Tony’s break-up, that he used his high-ranking status to have George killed. Still in mourning over her fiancee's death, Lenore Lemmon suffered another indignity when the will was read-Reeves' entire estate was willed to Toni Mannix, who said the actor must have meant the money and the house on Benedict Canyon to help the charities that they both worked with. It is a fact that during autopsy his hands were immediately washed and (never checked) for any gun powder or residue.Reeves having been the (target of a "hit" )due to having spurned a long-time lover with (mob connections,) also claiming that the previous car accident was also an attempted hit. There are groups supporting the re-opening of the murder investigationThe detective was quoted as saying “That certainly is an odd upward trajectory for a bullet to take—if this is a suicide.” The first detective on the scene observed. no suicide note was left behind.And Why did Ms.Lenore Lemon.. Mr.Reeves Fiance' cash all of his traveler's checks,pack up and get out of town fast and never return to Hollywood? "Toni got a house for charity and I got a broken heart," was Lemmon's dramatic statement to the press.George Reeves' mother, who held up cremation of the body for three years while noted Hollywood investigator Jerry Geisler looked into unanswered questions surrounding the highly suspicious death. Had someone entered the house, someone with a gun and a ruthless reputation, murdered the television star and warned everyone in the home to stay silent about what happened? Oddly, in a 1998 edition of USA Today,( Larson ) = Jimmy Olsen, reversed himself and stated emphatically that he believed Reeves did commit suicide and that Larson's longtime friend Toni Mannix (recently deceased) definitely had nothing to do with it. He didn't want her memory sullied by unfounded accusations. Another theory has it that Reeves and Lemmon argued that night and Lemmon shot her lover in the heat of the moment. But why would her guests-witnesses to a crime-risk their reputations and freedom to cover for her?"Lenore Lemmon said George killed himself because he could find no work after Superman"According to Lemmon, the only people in the house that night, in addition to George and herself, were Carol Von Ronkle, William Bliss, and writer Robert Condon. Lemmon says George Reeves committed suicide. "Other bullet holes were found in the bedroom floor, and the bullets were recovered from the living room below. Were all the shots fired at the same time, or were the other bullets fired days... perhaps weeks earlier? "There is no doubt Lenore Lemmon and George Reeves had a volatile relationship. They were seen arguing in public earlier in the eveningNone of the other guests ever gave public testimony regarding the events of that night, and Lenore left California the next day... never to return." his intoxicated fiancée would jokingly exclaim "Oh no, he'll probably go up to his room and shoot himself"! But also Toni Mannix was married to Eddie Mannix, a purported former crime boss who was now employed as a "fixer" for the studio – someone who keeps its actors' personal lives out of the news.But along with the nice things, would come the bad side of Toni. She was controlling, manipulative and, overall, just a real bitch. George would eventually sever the relationship setting up scenario number 1 for his death.George would soon hook up with Lenore Lemmon, Having already retired to his bedroom, George descended the stairs in the modest abode and yelled at the guests to keep the noise down. As the sulking George returned to his upstairs bedroom, his intoxicated fiancée would jokingly exclaim ("Oh no, he'll probably go up to his room and shoot himself"! ) A few minutes later, at approximately 12:30, a gunshot would ring out from Reeves' So while his house guests were (celebrating his impending marriage,) and while he was at the (threshold of a revived career,) George Reeves decided to go upstairs and blow his brains out, then (toss the gun where he could not reach it.) As one detective said, "This is not only illogical, it is nonsensical." The woman superman was going to marry = Lenore was so jealous of George that if she found no blonde, black, or red hairs on his jacket, she would accuse him of running around with a bald woman." Although If Reeves was depressed, evidence suggests this would have been due to the compulsive telephone (calls he was receiving) from his ex-partner and then-wife to MGM( bigshot,) Toni Mannix. This may have been having a less than desirable effect on his (impending wedding to Lenore Lemmon.) Lemmon has taken responsibility for the bullet holes in the bedroom, attributing them to herself "fooling around" with the gun earlier in the evening. However, (no fingerprints whatsoever) were found on the pistol. bullet (holes) found in the bedroom walls and throughout the living room bullet casing found (underneath) Reeves' body, the gun left between his legs, police (not) being called for 30-45 minutes (after) the death and the fact that almost (no one) who knew Reeves can quite bring themselves to believe that he killed himself. lets remember also Reeves was involved in three mysterious automobile mishaps that almost killed him. The first time, his car was nearly crushed by two trucks on the freeway. Another time, a speeding car nearly killed him, but he survived thanks to his quick, athletic reflexes. The third time, Reeves’ brakes failed on a narrow, twisting road. All of the brake fluid, it was discovered, was gone from the hydraulic system, in spite of the fact that an examination by a mechanic found the system was in perfect working order.About a month later, he began to receive death threats on his unlisted telephone line. Most of them came late at night and there were sometimes 20 or more each day. Often, whoever was calling would simply hang up when he answered. They said nothing, but after a few graphic and detailed threats, Reeves knew it was the same person. Nervous after the near-misses in his car, Reeves filed a report with the Beverly Hills Police Department and a complaint with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. He even went so far as to suggest a suspect, a woman named Toni Mannix.
The D.A.’s office investigated Reeves’ complaint and it was soon discovered that both Toni and George were receiving telephone threats and crank calls. When that was disclosed, many people assumed that it was Eddie Mannix who had instigated the calls through employees or hired thuds.
There are so many angles to this but this is my personal theory
George Reeves (superman) after a night of drinking at the party at his home with the friends of (Lenore lemmon) he stops playing his Guitar gets up complains of a headache perhaps do to a hangover, (he had stopped drinking so much months ago to clean himself up to be ready for the upcoming movie contracts he had gotten,) puts a record on for the remaining guest's, starts up the stairs when the door bell rings, Lenore go's past him as he is going upstairs and opens the door, it was quite late and superman yells (oh great, look who's here !) in sarcasm do to the late hour, the guests responded (hey, were here just to celebrate your up coming wedding) George reeves = superman responds very sarcastically ( Than i'm going upstairs and kill my self ) Lemmon was very angry at that statement and started upstairs to demand superman apologies, he dose, he apologizes and starts upstairs, Lenore Lemmon tells the guests to go on into the Parlor where the music is quite loud, they do so, Lenore go's upstairs and yells at superman, he then says look forget this the wedding is off, i don't need this, in her anger she takes the gun Toni Manix gave george as a gift and starts shooting, he tries to stop her and she accidentally kills george reeve, she drops the gun ( in those days woman whore gloves when socializing) thus = no fingerprints, she runs down stairs and says to the guy looking at the portrait of superman on the mantelpiece and said ( you know, he said he was going to kill himself !) She ask's him to go check on him, so he go's upstairs to check on him and finds the body, being a friend also of lemmon (the party was all lemmons friends) perhaps discuss what happened, perhaps she tells them yes i accidentally did this, he said he wasn't going to marry me! so they got there stories together for what they would tell the police, that's why it took (45 minuets ) for them to get around to calling the police perhaps!! just my personal opinion. as for Toni's hit man well the hit man would have to get into a house full of people undetected, shoot, and jump out a window.=========================================================
Toni Mannix died at age 77, she had alzimers, this guy below new her and lived with her when she was age 76, was Toni losing it at this point or is this guys he said she said confession true? She had alzimers but he says her mind was in tact at age 76, but did indeed die of alzimers at 77 in the year 1983. It took him 10 years to divulge what she had told him, so with that i discount it a bit, but who knows right, perhaps its very true indeed, here is what he said !My experiences with her at home, including the odd ( Tuesday night prayer sessions to George, tears and all,) and her (vicious remarks about Lenore Lemmon being with George,) her gifts of George's clothes to me from the well-kept grooming closets in her house, ( she requested that I wear them), the stories she shared with me about their romance and problems are no secret to our circle at the time.Toni Mannix was mean enough, connected enough, and had motive enough to make it happen. And yes, finally, she told me what she did. Was it the truth ? Was she fooling with my head on her way out ? Did she know Lenore would want to know this is what she did.? Who knows? All I know is that what she told me soon before she died became an anchor around my neck for a long time.
Sure she had him (wear his cloths,) she was losing it right about that time right ?
Now for the perhaps section ! = another view point other detectives said thay were told !.

Around 6:30 that evening, dinner was served at the Benedict Canyon home. Lenore Lemmon had prepared it for Reeves and guest Robert Condon, a writer who was there to do an article on Reeves and the upcoming exhibition with Archie Moore. After dinner, they settled down in the living room to watch television. About midnight, everyone went to bed.Reeves had an unspoken rule that he did not want guests after midnight.
Von Ronkel and Bliss banged on the door until Lenore got up and let them in. George also got up and came downstairs in his bathrobe. He yelled at them for showing up so late at night.
Lenore calmed him down and a few minutes later, he poured a nightcap and then went back upstairs to his room. At that point, the other witnesses present stated that Lenore said something like, "well, he’s sulking... he’ll probably go up to his room and shoot himself!"
Moments later, a shot rang out in the quiet of the house! George Reeves, television’s Superman, was dead.
According to Weissman, that was why Lenore said what she did. All of Reeves’ friends knew that when he was drinking, he would sometimes fire a blank at his head in a mock suicide attempt, making certain that his arm was far enough away so that he didn’t get powder burns on his face!
Toni Mannix, was an actress and former model who was 25 years younger than her powerful husband.
To make matters more confusing, the detectives even managed to rule out Reeves’ macabre "suicide game" as the cause of his death. The agency operatives believed that someone else was in the house at the time!
According to experts, self-inflicted gunshot wounds usually propel the victim forward and away from the expended bullet casing.Detective Speriglio made a careful examination of the police report and noticed that the bullet wound was described as "irregular". So, the agency reconstructed the bullet entry and exit. The slug had exited Reeves’ head and was found lodged in the ceiling. His head, at the moment of death, would have had to have been twisted, making a self-inflicted shot improbable
Regardless, there is another discrepancy with the police report. It stated that Reeves had pulled the trigger of the gun with his right hand. Prior to his death, Reeves had been in a terrible auto accident. His Jaguar had hit an oil slick in the Hollywood Hills and had crashed into a brick wall. Reeves later filed a personal injury claim in Los Angeles Superior Court asking for a half million dollars in damages... because his right hand was disabled! But just how disabled was it? If Reeves could fight Archie Moore in an exhibition match, then surely he could have pulled the trigger on a pistol.
Could this be why ghostly phenomena has been reported at the former Reeves house ever since? Many believe that the ghostly appearances by the actor lend credence to the idea that he was murdered. Over the years, occupants of the house have been plagued by not only the sound of a single gunshot that echoes in the darkness, but strange lights and even the apparition of George Reeves!
Occupants would not stay long because they would report inexplicable noises in the upstairs bedroom where George had been killed. When they would go to investigate the sounds, they would find the room was not as they had left it. Often, the bedding would be torn off, clothing would be strewn about and some reported the ominous odor of gunfire in the air. One tenant also reported that his German Shepherd would stand in the doorway of the room and would bark furiously as though he could see something his owner’s could not. There is also documentation of an extraordinary occurrence when two Los Angeles sheriffs were assigned to watch the house after neighbors reported hearing screams, gunshots, and lights going on and off during the night.In the 1980’s, while the house was being used as a set for a television show, the ghost made another startling appearance. He was seen by several of the actors and crew members before abruptly vanishing

=========================================WHO IS ----- Noel Neil ------------------ SHE IS Lois Lane !Noel Neill, 85, who played Lois Lane, also doesn't think her handsome cast mate pulled the trigger. Neill, who was the fearless reporter on the TV hit “Adventures of Superman” 1953-58, says she never believed that Reeves shot himself because he was depressed about being typecast as Superman and his career was tanking. She remembers seeing Reeves upbeat at the studio a few days before his death. Although he had earlier told her, “Noel, I'm getting a little too old to be running around in my underwear,” Neill says he was excited about directing some of the new 26 “Superman” episodes he would also star in. “He was fine. He was happy. He was playing gin rummy with ('Superman' director) George Blair,” she says. Neill says Toni would go to the set and take lunch for Reeves – “usually little doves that her husband, Eddie” had killed hunting. Neill remembers, she was invited to the Mannix home to pick up some MGM gowns to wear on a “Superman” publicity tour. She says a bathrobe-clad Eddie, who was ailing from heart problems, joined her and Toni for coffee in the kitchen. “George walked in the back door. I thought, 'Oh dear. Oh dear.' But everything was fine. George got some food out of the refrigerator.” Neill delicately says after seeing “Hollywoodland.” “George had a charm. I always called him a Southern gentleman, even though he wasn't from the South.He notes that “Honest George” was a generous humanitarian who devoted time to The City of Hope cancer hospital and chaired the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation to fight the crippling muscle disease. For the record, Glass and Kirk lean toward the third theory – that the volatile Lemmon, upset that Reeves was backing out on their marriage plans, killed him during an argument. Lemmon left town for good the next day. She died in New York City in 1990.

“The fans who've educated themselves and become scholars have a view of George Reeves that is probably very different from what's in 'Hollywoodland,'” says Glass, 51.

I AGREE INDEED ==================================================
On Benedict Canyon Drive, the modest, wood-shingled, tree-shaded home that Toni bought her “boy” is currently occupied by residents who don't want to be bugged about the dearly departed celebrity.The Man of Steel's ashes are enshrined in a square brass urn in a mausoleum at an Altadena cemetery, 15 miles from the downtown building that doubled as the Daily Planet.

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